The relatively small size of the Virology graduate program and faculty makes this program ideally suited for students interested in collegial student-student and student-faculty interactions.  We invite you to apply for graduate study.

All students are expected to be knowledgeable in virology, molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, and genetics. Students must take a total of seven courses, including Virology 200, Virology 201, Virology 202, which are required for all students in the program. Virology 301qc, Advanced Topics in Virology, and Medical Science 300qc, Conduct of Science, will also be taken by all students in the program, however these do not count towards the seven-course total. Depending upon students’ interests and background, additional courses--frequently including a course in immunology or genetics--are selected to meet the seven-course requirement. 

All students are expected to attend the weekly Virology Seminar Series, held during Fall and Spring semesters, as well as the annual program retreat.