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Virology Student Data Club

The Virology Student Data Club is organized and run by the students of the Virology Program.  The club meets every other week, and students in the program present their current research. In the second semester of the first year of study, Virology students present a practice talk of their proposals for the current Virology course.  In the first semester of the second year of study, Virology students present a practice talk of their Preliminary Qualifying Exam proposals.  The Virology Student Data Club is designed to give students an opportunity to receive feedback from their peers regarding their current research, their proposals for courses and the presentation for the PQE.  In addition, the student audience learns about a variety of methods and techniques, as well as current research that takes place in different laboratories on and off campus.

Annual Virology Retreat

The annual Virology retreat is organized by the fourth-year students and typically takes place in early September.  The event lasts for two days and provides an opportunity for the incoming class to be exposed to current areas of research that are the focus of students and faculty in the Virology Program.  Students and faculty are invited by the organizing committee to present their research findings and ongoing projects in the laboratory, respectively, thereby allowing the incoming class to survey thesis lab options prior to starting the fall rotation.  The retreat also includes an informal poster session in which students and faculty learn about the work of their peers. The retreat offers an ideal way for incoming students to interact with the rest of the program in an informal, fun setting.

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